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Pokemon Fusion doodles! Can you guess what they are? One is already given out for you. I think the others are fairly obvious.

Josh Kalis, The Beekeeper

The Final Battle: NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) - “This egregious section […] permits the government to use the military to detain US citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military detention centers.” And due to vague definitions of terms, people can be detained for the slightest suspicions and ultimately, “American citizens may fear being arrested and indefinitely detained by the military without knowing what they have done wrong.” It is a “concerted assault on our rights…” “It wants to have the legal measures to keep us cowed, afraind and under control.” “The shredding of our liberties is being done in the name of national security and the fight against terrorism. But the NDAA is not about protecting us. It is about protecting the state from us.”(The Final Battle by Chris Hedges).

Scary stuff!

"Speaker for the Trees" - Portraiture of David Suzuki

"Speaker for the Trees" - Portraiture of David Suzuki